I Had A Passion For Helping Others And Taking Care Of Children

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I have always had a passion for helping others and taking care of children. When

I was younger I would always play house with my baby dolls and siblings. I always had to be the

mom so I could take care of everyone else even though I was the middle child. As I got older I

couldn’t wait to start babysitting. In Wisconsin you can get a babysitting license when you turn

13, I got mine the exact same day! The passion had always been there but I didn’t know what I

would do with it. There are many career choices that work with children such as; childcare,

teachers, nurses, social workers, etc. The day I had my car accident my mind was made up, at

the age of 9 I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I want to be a nurse; From that

day onward I would put all my mind and effort into accomplishing that dream.

The day I made up my mind to become a nurse was an eventful one. After a fun filled

weekend celebrating my younger sister’s birthday at a hotel my family was ready to embark on

our four hour drive back to our hometown. It was a cool Wisconsin March morning when the

jeep my family and I were in was hit by a car near the back right hand tire in the small town of

Prairie. The hit sent the jeep swirling all over the road and flipping 5 times into the ditch. Half

asleep when the car was struck I don’t remember to much, I do remember the horrible

screeching of my sister and cousin next to me and trying to hold anything I could while flipping,…

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