I Had A Holistic Understanding Of Who I And How I Fit Into The World

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Prior to this unit, I was under the impression that I had a holistic understanding of who I was and how I fit into the world. That is, I thought I was clear on my identity: socially, culturally, and personally. I was, and am, a student. I am male. I am a brother, a son, a friend, a boyfriend, and I happen to be queer. I also happen to be Indigenous. These were all intrinsic parts of my personal, social, and cultural identity. I had come to be comfortable with these ideas of myself, and how they were perceived by other people. Each was a separate part that made up the whole, so to speak. The first few weeks of participation in this unit, and reflection upon the content that was taught and how this influenced me, caused the lines between them to become blurred, and the understanding of myself that I had come to believe to be true was progressively deconstructed. Now, I have reached a new meaning of what it means to be queer, to be Aboriginal, and to exist at the intersection of these seemingly separate identities.

During the first two weeks of this course, we discussed in lectures and tutorials Indigenous Australian Identities, and the many ways of identifying oneself and others. Identity is, to put it simply, the “characteristics of thinking, reflecting, and self-perception that are held by people in society” (Kidd, 2002, p. 74). It is a social construct in that to say someone is one thing as opposed to another, one must know the definitions of those things and how they…

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