Essay about I Had A Great Time With My Field Experience

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I had a great time with my field experience this semester and as I reflect on my time in the classrooms I realize how important it is to be able to experience and observe a classroom before being thrown into your internship. I also have realized it is so important to observe both an inner city school as well as rural school. When you observe two opposite schools it helps a teacher in training figure out where they think they will make the biggest difference. When observing these two schools I found out that even though it might feel more rewarding to teach in an inner city school, I would make more of a difference in a rural school where I can relate to the children and have a better hand on them. The first school we observed was Alderman Elementary School. Alderman is an inner city school and has many different behavioral problems. The teacher I observed was Ms. Mandle and she taught a kindergarten class. Ms. Mandle’s teaching philosophy was behaviorism. She is a more go by the book teacher and believes that children learn by listening. She taught with the sense of learning has to be done in very small basic steps in order for the student to understand the process. Ms. Mandle had a very tough class with a lot of children with behavioral problems. She would have to stop the class every couple of minutes to reprimand certain students which would cause her to lose valuable teaching time. The problem with the way she disciplined her students was that she would yell and get all…

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