Essay I Had A Best Friend

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Once upon a time, I had a best friend. Don 't get me wrong, I still do, it 's just a different person now. This original best friend I had been friends with for 8 years. Yes, you 'd think 8 years would have brought us closer together, even inseparable, and we were, but not in a good way.

This friend, we 'll call her Holly, was an abusive friend. She didn 't punch me or anything like that (I 'd like to see her try) but she was mentally abusive. She would rip you down to nothing to make herself seem bigger in the eyes of herself and everyone else.

Let 's go over a few instances we had...

1) "You can 't hang out with them."

Yes, she told me not to hang out with people.

Halloween was coming up and I was invited by one of my best friends to come to her house for the night. I, of course, said yes because it was one of my favorite people and I knew it would be a great time. Coincidentally, Holly heard about said get-together and jumped on me like a lion.

"So, Anna, what are you doing for Halloween?" she asked. I didn 't know this at the time but she already knew where I was going.

"Oh, I 'm heading to Emily 's house. What are you doing?" I asked. I was an innocent soul then, I didn 't know I was in a war with my best friend.

"You can 't hang out with them."

"Excuse me?"

"I am not friends with them, so you can 't hang out with them."

"I don 't see why that 's a problem. You 're friends with people that I 'm not."

"I 'm not friends with them, that 's why." And…

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