I Got The First Time I Traveled Abroad Essay

796 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
“Do you know President Obama?”
“Why do you call it soccer?”
“Do you eat pizza everyday?”

These are the types of questions I got the first time I traveled abroad. At twelve years old, I was somehow able to convince my overprotective Colombian mother to let me travel to Bloxham, England and spend one week with a host family. With my sense of adventure and the willingness of my middle school PTA to fully sponsor me, it was hard for my mom to say no. In just seven short days, I instantly gained a passion for traveling, an interest in exploring cultures, and the eagerness to step out of my comfort zone.

Since then my passions have only grown stronger and when I applied to college I made sure to choose schools with strong study abroad programs. While a week long vacation or visit to a country can be a meaningful experience, I want to have the opportunity to live like a local, understand the history, and develop meaningful connections. Study abroad is a priority for me and as a student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, I am fortunate to be exposed to so many opportunities to engage in foreign affairs both domestically and internationally.

A reason why I chose to study abroad in Spain is because as a daughter of Colombian and Ecuadorian immigrants, I have grown up in a distinct Latin American culture. While my culture shares many similarities with other Spanish speaking countries, I always felt very separated from what many refer to as the “mother country.” Latin America…

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