Essay on I Got Ready For My Dad

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I woke up just like any other morning. I got ready for school and ate breakfast with my father and grandpa. My mom and little sister were killed almost a year ago when they were struck by a drunk driver coming home from my sister 's volleyball practice. So now it 's just the three of us, we are all each other have now. My father works for a car dealership and my grandpa stays home and does whatever. I got to school and did my thing. After school my dad picked me up and went home. We were walking to the front door when we heard five very loud bangs, everyone walked out their front and started to talk. About five minutes after the bang there were mushroom clouds that appeared out of the sky in all directions but the south. Everyone knew what happened but no one wanted to believe it at all it seemed too unreal. We went inside and my grandpa already had the news on, there were two dozen nuclear bombs dropped on major cities across the united states. Right before the news channel cut out the news reporter named off the known cities that were hit. A bomb was dropped and was directed towards cleveland were me and my family live but missed and hit about two north into Canada.The news reporter told us florida was remotely the safe and most stable state left in the country. They also told us that if you are within three hours of a bomb sight to find shelter immediately before the ration spreads in every direction. I remember being town there for months, i was getting tired of…

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