I Got My Car Right Before The Beginning Of Summer Essay examples

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I got my car right before the beginning of summer. Brand new was not an option so I opted for a shiny-black, used Jeep Liberty. It was not in meant condition, but I was just happy as long as it had air conditioning that might just turn my fingers blue with frostbite. I had my car for a total of four months, however, before it became an unsightly crime scene. How did my car get wrecked one might ask? It all boils down to one decision I made. One bad choice could destroy a lot of things, so don’t let people persuade you into making rash decisions. That was my mistake, and I 'm still paying for it.
It all began on a Forth of July night filled with plans for fun and fireworks. Although, the only fireworks we ended up witnessing were the reactions of our parents. Mason, Hunter and Maisy came over to my house to discuss plans for the night. In the mids of discussion, they elected me as their designated driver. After we figured out all the details to our plan, we headed out to my car and jumped in to go out to eat at O 'Charleys.
Despite all the fun we were having hanging out, it only got worse from there. As I drove along, they kept complaining about my driving. Nothing serious just nit- picking my driving skills, since I was still new to driving. When we finished eating, we walked back out to my car. As we walked, They kept begging me to let Maisy drive. "Maisy is a good driver, I let her drive my car all the time." Hunter told me. " It 's true!" Maisy insisted, as I…

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