I Fractured My Arm: A Short Story

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The time I fractured my arm, I was eight years old. I was visiting my dad that weekend. After helping my dad with work, my brother and I went to the park. My dad didn’t do anything when my arm broke. My mother took me to the hospital after she picked us up. Being at the hospital was not fun at all. My mom tried to call my dad to let him know that my arm was broken but he didn’t pick up. The whole story is a very long process. I fractured my arm on Mother’s day. My brother and I went to the park after a long morning of work. We started playing tag. Instead of tagging me, he pushed me. I dropped on a metal bench, then the ground. He questioned if I was alright, I replied, ¨I’m okay.¨ My arm felt fairly weird at first. I thought it was just dislocated. I swung it around a couple times thinking it would go away. When I went to grab something, Crack. Not only did I hear it, but everyone else at the park did too. I cried out in pain and started crying. Quickly, we went home. When we finally got to the house, my little brother told our dad what happened. Dad said, “ Let me see it.” After checking it and hurting me a lot, he said I was fine, it was only a little sprain. Waiting for our mother to pick us up, we went to wait in the living …show more content…
Getting furious, she asked him why I didn’t go to the hospital. He told her that it was only a sprain. When we got home, my step-father looked at it and told my mom to take me to the hospital. My mom only took me because it was seven o’clock at night and we had school the next day. When we arrived to the hospital, my mom got us on a waiting list. When the doctor came in, he told us that he wanted to take x-rays and got the form for mom to sign it. After thirty minutes the doctor came in and told us it was ruptured. The doctor then gave me a sling and a thick wire to keep my arm still until they put a cast on it. I did not go to school the next

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