I Forgot My Phone Directed By Miles Cawford Essay

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Facebook, the largest social networking site, reached one million users in 2004 (Shontell 8). Today Facebook has grown to a little under a billion and a half users (Statista para. 1). Facebook is just one of many social networking sites designed to keep people connected. Connection is defined as "having social or professional relationships" (Dictionary para. 1). With the digital age, several terms have come to be used to described staying connected digitally: social networking, social technology, and social media. Becoming connected has changed from relationship based and face-to-face contact within a relatively small geographic area, to a truly global digital community. More people are joining online dating sites to meet new people and to start relationships. Over 40 million Americans are now using online dating sites and services (Merideth 1). People in the digital age are meeting, communicating, and interacting through technology. In the short film, I Forgot My Phone directed by Miles Cawford, one watches what appears to be the typical day in the life of a woman. The woman wakes up in the morning staring at her boyfriend/significant other who is on his phone. Later, while walking on the beach she sees a man filming his marriage proposal with his phone. In the next scene the woman is at a party where the majority of the guests are on their phones. In the final scene the woman climbs into bed while her boyfriend/significant other is on his phone. This video shows how…

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