I Feel That This Concert Essay

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I feel that this concert has been my best concert since my arrival at the University for a variety of reasons. The primary reason I enjoy being in choir and singing is the rewarding feelings I have when we finally are able to present to the audience what we have worked so hard towards the entire semester. What many people who don 't participate in a choral ensemble is the amount of work in class and outside of class that we put in as singers into our work. It 's a long-term process of trying again and again until we get it right and ultimately being satisfied with whatever we end up presented at the end of the night. Music for me is an escape from the hectic and sometimes stressful reality of school and work; being able to come to a class that allows me a safe environment to freely express myself and relax for a couple hours has been one of the most exciting parts of this class and of the concert. Signing together helps me connect with other people that I may have never had the chance to know otherwise and at the concert I really felt united with the member of community choir as we sang our songs from some of the deepest parts of our heart, of that I have no doubt. Overall, in reiteration of my feelings towards choir in general, I felt all of these same feelings at the concert. The sense of accomplishment with presenting the final product, the pride and joy in having my friends and family be able to share in our music, and the complete escape from whatever it was that I…

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