I Feel Strongly About It Essay

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I Feel Strongly About It is very important to always push yourself as much as you can in order to succeed in life. This pushing can fall under any category, such as your education, sports, and self accomplishments. Some people have it easy and have everything handed to them, or some people have parents who have a set plan for them and they follow those guidelines to become successful. And some people have nothing and at one point have that urge to just give up and settle for what they think will get them by. My intention is to encourage anyone to never give up and to never settle for less, to always push yourself to the limit until you do, how will you know how far you can go? It is only by testing your limits that you can determine where they truly are. Of course, next time, you can try to exceed those limits. I didn 't have parents who guided me step by step throughout school. Living in a three bedroom home with six siblings, and my parents, I found to be a struggle, not a financial struggle, but a struggle that my parents didn 't have time for anything except work all day to pay bills. For seven kids we were all spoiled in a way, every holiday we celebrated such as Christmas, Halloween, and even Easter, it was all great and fun in every way we ever imagined. As a child though I was never taught to put myself out there to see what I can make of myself. I was never taught to sit down to do homework and study till you knew the subject like the back of your hand. I 'm…

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