I Feel Like My Generation Essay

1019 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
Screentime I feel like my generation was one of the last generations to make grow up around screens that took up everyone’s time. I actually remember my childhood and being outside and not needing anything. As I grew older the screentime started to hit. TV was the first thing I put screentime to and I thought that was pretty normal because everyone watches TV. I was a kid so it’s not like I was just constantly watching TV; I just didn 't have the attention span back then. I remember when I got my first gaming system and although I didn’t freak out like that kid in the christmas video about the N64 I was definitely super excited to get my own Nintendo 64. I’m pretty sure it was the first system I ever had and I definitely spent time on it playing Donkey Kong and trying to play Diddy Kong racing as well as other games. That’s basically how it all started for me because then after that the Playstation came out with a screen attached to the system so I could play it right off of it and take it on roadtrips. I think you can see how it goes because then the Playstation 2 came out and other consoles like the gameboy, gamecube, xbox, etc. The things I mainly spend screen time on are a tv for video games , a computer, or my phone and this is a detriment to my interpersonal communication. The technological boom was inevitable now that I look back. We started improving gaming graphics and learned how to play online against people around the world. Prices went up and we still…

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