I Entered The Classrooms With The Conviction That It Takes Up Too Much Time

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"I entered the classrooms with the conviction that it was crucial for me and every other student to be an active participant, not a passive consumer" (Hooks 254). Most students go to school because they have to learn, but most of the time they are not learning, instead they are being taught or spoon fed information to remember. Students are constantly having information thrown at their face so they can take that big test and as soon as that test is over with the information gets thrown out of the window instead of learning it. Day after day, they are being told to memorize a book or a PowerPoint instead of learning what the material is. Although some classes do use paper and project approaches, most classes do not. Doing a paper or a project makes students think outside of the box and they have to figure it all out to write the paper or do the project. Many teachers or professors do not like to use that approach mostly because it takes up too much time. In the long run that is more beneficial because when students get involved and have to figure things out on their own, this helps them actually learn the material rather than having a professor or teacher give them every piece of information to remember. Student involvement is important because in traditional education teachers spoon feed students information which makes students become less creative. Students should be figuring some information out on their own to help make them more creative and motivated.Students need to…

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