I Enjoy Reading The Stuff That Ted Koosier Writes Essay

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I enjoy reading the stuff that Ted Koosier writes. He is extremely descriptive which allows for me to picture what he is talking about in my head as I read. I have never really enjoyed poems at all but reading this book has been persuading my interest about out them. The poem called Bad News is quite saddening. Even though he never really says what the phone call was about in the poem you can only imagine. It reminds me of the time my uncle was hospitalized. There were never phone calls about him dying. However, my grandma always tells us stories of how she would always wake up in the middle of the night and pace around the house just hoping that everything was going to be fine with him. My uncle had been diagnosed with cancer in his kidney which meant that he needed to have surgery to get rid of it. Everything was fine at first because everyone has two kidney and they are able to live of just one functioning kidney. Unfortunately this wasn 't the case for my uncle considering he only had one kidney. Due to the fact that he only had one and it was the one that was full of cancer he had to get it removed and it made everything even more complicated. For the first couple of months almost a year he had to go into the hospital twice a week and go through dialysis, which is where they hook you up to a catheter and they clear out all of the waste that is in your body form the food that you eat. My uncle never looked good when he had to go in to get this done. His…

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