I Dont Know About The Prospect Of Freedom, By Robert Falls Essays

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Optimistic about the possibility of freedom, Robert Falls, a Tennessee resident recalled that feeling freedom in his town was a very special moment,
“ I remember so well, how the roads was full of folks walking and walking along when the n****** were freed. Didn 't know where they was going. Just going to see about something else somewhere else. Meet a body in the road and they ask, ‘Where are you going?’
‘Dont know.”
And then sometimes we would meet a white man and he would say,
“How you like to come work on my farm?”
And we say,
“I dont know.”
And then maybe he say,
“If you come work for me on my farm, when the crops is in I give you five bushels of corn, five gallons of molasses, some ham-meat, and al your clothes and vitals while you works for me.”
Alright! That’s what I do. And then something begins to wok up here,
(touching his forehead with his fingers) I begins to think and to know things. And I knower then I could make a living for my own self, and I never had to be a slave no more.” Immediately after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Seward sent the document to diplomatic capitols all over the world. Additionally, one of Seward’s primary interest was the necessity of an American envoy in London, his ideal representative was Charles Francis Adams, who would use the Emancipation Proclamation to persuade the Royal Court not to get involved with the Confederate officials. In the message he sent to London, aware of the thin line that he and…

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