I Don 't Want You Know Anything About My Illness Essay

945 Words May 12th, 2016 4 Pages
“I don’t want you to know anything about my illness. I don’t talk openly about it.” These were the first words I heard – from one of the closest people in my life – as he began to discuss his experience living with asthma. He prefers to conceal his illness as much as possible. He views himself as having a weakness and wants to hide it, and it was clear throughout the entire interview. We are extremely close, but I have rarely seen him use his asthma inhaler in the six years we have known each other. I have even gone with him to the emergency room when he had pneumonia; however, there is a deep-rooted belief that asthma equals weakness. I did not take it lightly when he agreed to be interviewed about the chronic illness he is living with. He went on to tell me that it “feels like a weakness in a world where you have to be the strongest.” He played soccer while growing up; he was the goalkeeper. He stated that it was a position of strength, and he did not have to continuously run, which could expose his asthma. Living with asthma has influenced him to come up with some strategic thinking. He has always felt the need to hide it. Today, he still makes efforts to hide using his inhaler. He shared that “I’m very self-conscience of it.” He was quite young when he lived in New York, so he does not remember much of his early childhood experiences. Frequent hospitalizations and a lot of medication were not uncommon as a small child. In fact, the severity prompted his entire family…

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