I Don 't Want My Mistakes Essay

938 Words Jul 11th, 2015 4 Pages
I don 't want my mistakes to become the only thing that defines me because I care a lot about you. You think I 'm probably only saying this so that I can get you back but that 's not why. I care a lot about you and with everything you do. I don 't act this way with people unless I 'm in a relationship which is why I 'm not used to all this when the person I like a lot turns around to tell me that they want to slow down. I didn 't mean to come off as a whore to you because that was not my plan. I only want to be good enough for you and that 's why I decided to delete everyone even though I 'm risking a lot of friendships being destroyed with people that I 've known for years. You cannot ever tell me that someone who 's a slut and a whore and can 't keep her mouth closed would ever go this far for anyone. I 'm only doing it to prove my point with you. I don 't want you to think that whenever you go to bed I 'm out flirting with other guys. That 's not how I am and it 's not what I end up wanting to project myself as. Joe, you 're sweet, considerate and fucking adorable how the fuck do you think someone else out there is going to ever be the same? There 's no way I can just throw in the towels now even after I 've fucked up because that means I 'm just giving up and if i liked you that much i wouldn 't of given up that quickly. Everything has it 's conciquences which is why i 'm doing something extremely risky just to prove my point. I know you 're angry and I know that you…

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