I Don 't View Historical Events On The Context Of Good Or Bad

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I don 't view historical events in the context of good or bad. It happened and proved, once again, that an individual stepping forth against all odds to show leadership in the face of catastrophe to save the church by exposing its corruption and evil.

Constantine did it in the fourth century when he ended persecution of Christians and adopted the faith, but I think that was more a strategic move rather than persuasion of the heart as was the case with Luther. Kings and emperors throughout history have used religion to justify their bellicose ways and quest for land and plunder. It gave Constantine a way to solidify his empire.

Constantine saved Christianity with his head, and you could say Luther saved it again with his heart. The question is moot whether either of these developments was good or bad. They were. Religion after Luther, however, was to become increasingly secular as Nietzsche declared. God wasn’t dead. God took on a materialistic form.

There were schisms in the church before Luther. There was the "Babylonian Captivity" of the Avignon Papacy, where a separate Catholic Church was set up in France. BB and I visited that site with all the popes in their splendid gowns pictured across the main hall.

The 14th and 15th century were writhe with schisms as precursors to Luther. Corruption in the Church remained unabated. Equally important, peasants were increasingly restless to unshackle themselves from their feudal lords and economic dependence on regional…

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