Essay on I Don 't Think There Is Any Truth

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“I don’t think there is any truth. There are only points of view.” Allen Ginsberg’s famous quote is one that inspires the continued analysis and explication of poetry. Poetry is so important because much like jazz, it has a form all of its own. Poetry has no boundaries and can be created on the fly. And without the continued analysis and emphasis on great poetic works, like “Howl,” young writers would be dissuaded to take up the art form. To this day, scholars and students alike have continued to analyze “Howl’s” meaning and cultural significance as a work that was a game-changer for jazz poets. Ginsberg dedicated “Howl” to Carl Solomon, who was a writer he met during an eight month stay he had at the Columbia Presbyterian Psychiatric Institute. Ginsberg believed that mental illness and insanity were an erroneous fallacy used by society to explain genius or brilliance that was not fully understood. Ginsberg, a young, gay Jewish man witnessed mental illness first-hand, as it besieged his mother when he was very young. This ended up having a quite the influence on his social philosophies that are expressed in his work. “Howl” is a visceral, inflamed, harsh, depressing shout directed at the culture that Ginsberg believed had ruined many of his best friends and family. Ginsberg gives a much needed shot of adrenaline directly into the beating heart of America to hear his pleas. Through his use of wordplay, imagery and tone, Ginsberg demonstrates the loss of freedom…

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