I Don 't See Race : The Pitfalls Of The Colorblind Mindset Essay

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The “colorblind” mind set is a well-intentioned concept; it is one that encourages people to accept one another as human beings whom are not separated by the color of their skin. However, Bonnie Friden states, in “I Don’t See Race: The Pitfalls of the Colorblind Mindset,” “I was raised with this kind of a ‘colorblind’ mindset: a mindset that says that race should be ignored, and that racism exists because some people simply refuse to ignore race like they should” (p.1). In other words, the concept of colorblindness created the opposite effect by disregarding the obvious discrimination against people of color. This essay will agree with Friden, arguing that colorblindness is a form of discrimination.
It is the white privilege based society who has created this mindset as a way to state that they are not racist. To be colorblind would mean to erase several hundred years of history. That particular history references to the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., and slavery. Slavery helped establish the United States. Disregarding race means eradicating a major part of history. That means ignoring oppression and the progression that took many years to achieve. Ignoring history, specifically slavery and segregation, is racist.
Ignoring race is practically unrealistic when society makes it impossible to ignore. Racially oriented situations are publicize in the news on the regular, whether it be violent acts like the Ferguson riots or inspirational movements like the…

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