Essay on I Don 't Remember The Last Time I Ate An Orange

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I don’t remember the last time I ate an orange, yet that has come to an end. On January 27, my assignment for my English Class was to bring a fruit or vegetable to class in order to observe it, yes I said observe it. This was the first time I ever looked so deeply at a piece of fruit ever in my life. It would probably feel offended if it had any sort of feelings. While the assignment was definitely strange in many ways, I did find certain aspects of the orange that I haven’t notice before or certain characteristics of the orange that I simply have forgotten. Before I start describing other aspects of the orange, let 's just get a few things out of the way. Of course, the orange is also colored orange, it smells like citrus, is it round, and it is a fruit. Now that those four are out of the way, the first thing I did notice was that it was cold, strange because I pick it up from my fruit counter so maybe my house was just slightly colder than usual or the orange gets easily cold due to its shell. It was also firm which was definitely strange since the inside isn’t anything but squishy and due to this firmness the orange made a loud thump when it hit the desk. You could squeeze the fruit and it almost had the same firmness as an apple. It also had many dots on it probably enough to waste the entire class time trying to count all of them and the shell wasn’t smooth in fact it felt somewhat bumpy. Of course, the fruit wasn’t the perfect orange and that is why the shell had…

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