Essay on I Don 't Let Students Walk All Over Me

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Being a teacher now, as opposed to 25 years ago a lot of things have changed. I am the same teacher I have always been, some say I am “hard to get along with” but the truth is, I don’t let students walk all over me. The reason students say this is because I won’t answer questions twice, I do not accept late grades, and I’m not my student’s friend. When I first started teaching there was not smartphones to be distracted by, no Facebook for my student’s to friend my on, it just seems don’t have the respect, or commonsense they use to. However my teaching style hasn’t changed, I may be a “tough” teacher but for sensible reasons. If my student follows instructions, and knows proper in class etiquette, they will do fine. First Students are constantly using their smartphones while I am teaching. The problem with this is that the students aren’t giving me their undivided attention and aren’t listening to what I have to say. Because of this, they ask me questions typically on what I just took my time to explain or even better the same question someone just asked. This brings me to my first rule, not answering questions when I just said the answer. No, I am not being “mean” and if you need father understanding of the topic I will gladly help but only if you pay attention to the lecture and stay off your phones! This does not just apply to smart phones, though they are the number one distraction of my students, there are also students that read while I am taking, leave class for…

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