I Don 't Know You Essay

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“I don’t know you. Get out of here,” the old man sat up in his bed, dressed in a hospital gown and yelled when the young woman entered the room at the Mountaineer Nursing Home. While driving down the highway, Ruth had wondered if he would recognize her or be in a world of his own as the illness progressed destroying his mind.
“Grandpa, it’s me, your granddaughter,” Ruth said, feeling horrible that her once brilliant minded Grandfather no longer recognized her, as this often happened.
“Who are you?” He asked and clenched his jaw.
“Are you going to take me home?" He wanted to know as he sat up in bed and grinned.
Ruth picked up his hand. “Grandpa, I’m your granddaughter.”
“Oh, honey, it’s you,” he said, recognizing her as his blue eyes sparkled. “I didn’t sleep well, the screams kept me awake again. Although, I tried to make them stop, they just kept on,” he said, wringing his hands.
“Could we discuss the screams?” Ruth asked, feeling her news reporter instincts kicking in, she wondered if the screams were in his mind or the hospital.
“I had better not,” he said, but continued talking, “Honey, I never mentioned this to anyone. You remember when they hired me as the manager at the store in Howardsville. I thought it might help me to climb the corporate ladder, but no one knows the hell that is in that town. A few months after your grandmother and I moved into the house, I started hearing screams and seeing lights on the mountain. I tried talking to the guys at the diner…

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