Essay on I Don 't Know Why You Want Go With Me

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“I don’t know why you want to go with me. I can go there by myself you know.” You ruffled your hair in frustration as Luhan had somehow forced his way to go with you in Busan. He smiled like a little kid to you and just nodded at every reminder you told him.

“Remember, there will be no maids or driver or whatever. You have to depend on your own and you can’t depend on me, too.” You zipped your bag and looked at Luhan who was sitting on the bed with arms crossed and a huge smile on his face.

You shook your head and smiled a little to your husband who was more excited than you. He even packed his things earlier than you. His plan was to introduce himself to your parents as your husband and tell them everything. Yes, every single thing - including the fact that your marriage was just a contract.

He started the car’s engine and soon enough, the two of you were en route to Busan. The drive was quiet as you had your earphones plugged and Luhan was keeping his eyes on the road. You drifted to sleep without realizing, and thanks to the GPS Luhan managed his way to your destination.

“Sleepy head wake up.” You woke up to Luhan’s shaking of your shoulder and yawned. You were about to stretch your arms when you saw Luhan quickly avoiding your arms. You chuckled at the scene remembering how many times you had hit him because of your habit.

You looked outside the window and smiled. “We’re here.”

The two of you got out of the car and saw people looking at the two of you. You were in…

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