I Don 't Know Why I 'm Helping You Essay

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“You’ve never done this before?” I raise a brow. My arms are submerged to the elbows in water, supporting the baby while he is in the sink. The guy lathers the rag and cleans the poop of his son. His movements are awkward and forced, his expression one of disgust. I can’t avoid staring at what doesn’t make any sense.

I make a disapproving sound under my breath. “No wonder she left.”

“Why’s that?”

“It’s obvious that up until tonight, you never helped with him.”

“You finish,” he said,

“You know what I mean. You failed to do your share of the work, and I’m sorry, but it shows. I don’t know why I’m helping you.”

Deciding that’s enough lecturing, I change the subject. “I swear, babies are so cute, this one in particular.” The baby reaches up and touches my mouth. I laugh; sucking and nibbling on his wet dimpled fingers. “You are too damn cute.”

I catch the guy watching me, and I ask, “What?”

“Nothing.” He continues to bathe the baby, murmuring, “It’s just….”

“Just what?”

The guy scratches his cheek, accidently getting suds on it. He shrugs, using his shoulder to wipe the subs off. I wonder how someone so hard and strong and complicated can be in charge of something so beautiful and gentle. The guy stands out in the midst of his family-guy surroundings; because everything about him screams: I am not that guy!
His eyes turn a shade sadder. “I wish I could be like that with him,” he tells me, gesturing at his baby.

My body responds instantly, softening. Maybe there is…

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