Essay on I Don 't Know Why I Did It

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I don 't know why I did it, but I looked back. The waitress was still standing there by the dining room doorway, she was just watching me. With my voice a little shaky, I got out a low, “Thank you.” and the waitress just smiled at me and said, “You’re welcome.” and then she winked at me. Her eyes where now those black pits that all the others had. I questioned why she was letting me go just then, but later I had grasped why. Who would believe me? I picked up my pace and had made it back to the bar. I didn 't as much as look at the band or anyone else as I approached my parents who still waited patiently while watching the band. My father looked at me when he saw that I had returned and he asked, “Are you all right, honey? You were in there an awfully long time.” Then, he paused before adding, “You don 't look so good.” I didn 't want to make as scene, but all I wanted to do was start screaming at the top of my lungs, telling my father what this place was. What I saw. What these people were. But I knew that I needed to keep my cool. The bartender arrived with our food before I had a chance to tell my parents that we really needed to forget the food and just leave right now. I held quite as I watch my father pay the bartender with a fifty dollar bill. The bartender then disappeared saying he’ll be right back with the change and then quickly returned as promised. We left Rudy’s after that, and as soon as we got back to the safety of our…

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