I Don 't Know When You Have No Money Essay

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In addition, they helped their new sister, Betty, who was scalded by hot water that was accidently spilt on her by Abuela Chinta. Abuelita Chinta carried a pot of boiling water to mix a bucket of cold water, so Betty can bath in clean rather than Reyna, Mago, and Carlos bathing in dirty, infested water. As Abuelita Chinta held the pot of boiling water she lost her grip and spilt boiling water onto Betty’s face. “Betty’s cries were deafening. Mago took off the wet cloth so that Abuelita Chinta could apply the aloe vera paste, and I gasped at seeing Betty’s red face. Her skin looked as if it were melting. “Let’s take her to the doctor, Abuelita,” Mago said. “We have no money,” Abuelita Chinta said. “And I don’t know when your mother is going to call. But you’re right, Mago, your sister needs a doctor. She’s in too much pain, and I don’t think my remedies will be enough.” “But you’re a great healer,” I told Abuelita Chinta. “You can heal anything, can’t you?” Abuelita Chinta put her hand on my arm and said, “No, mija. There are many things I cannot cure. I couldn’t heal my son. I couldn’t heal your mother’s broken heart. And now I can’t even help you little sister.” This quote explains that even though Abuelita Chinta is a great healer she can’t heal everything especially the important people in her life. Also, the author illustrates Abuelita Chinta’s mistake for spilling boiling water on Betty as if she’s at fault for her son’s death and her daughter’s broken heart when…

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