I Don 't Know How The Wonderful Music History Of Memphis Pass Me By But Somehow It Did !

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I don’t know how the wonderful music history of Memphis pass me by but somehow It did! I have always heard that Memphis is known for its music history, especially the blues, but I never investigated the theory for myself. The instructor at the college challenged me to write a paper about the history of the Stax Museum in a reflection paper and I am really glad she did. It influenced me to finally take the time to view the history of Memphis firsthand starting with the Stax Museum. The research, museum, and the informative information my teacher taught in class helped me to learn the original name of the company, showed me the good and bad experiences with the company, taught me the meaning of music terms in the music company and lead me to understand the rebirth of the company. This project really opened my eyes to something new.
The research made me want to know more about the company my teacher was so intrigued with. The things I found online gave me a brief summary of the Stax museum but it was nothing compared to the visit. It described how a man named Jim Stewart opened the company in a tiny record store in Brunswick, TN during 1957. Then it went on to say he published, produced, wrote and created a song with DJ Fred By-Lar called “Blue Rose”. This was a country song with low production quality and didn’t make it very far in the music world according to stats that I obtained. Next, in 1959 his sister mortgaged her house to help him get better equipment and move the…

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