I Don 't Know How She Did It Essay

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I don’t know how she did it, but somehow that poor excuse for a professor got me to do her dirty bidding for her.
It was early in the morning on this lukewarm Wednesday. (Or would it be better if I said, it was earlier this morning? Who cares.) My car, a blue 1965 Ford Mustang I rarely drive, needed its yearly tune-up, so, like any other car owner would do, I dropped it off at the mechanic nearest to the school. There was a horrendous problem, though.
Naturally, I would’ve called a cab, but thanks to my unforeseen misfortune, I left my wallet at home. That meant no cab, no car because I couldn’t pay the mechanic – who’d rushed and got my car up in the air – and no way I was going to have a relaxing day.
Now, excluding traffic, it was around a FIFTEEN MINUTE walk straight from the shop to my house. Add that to the time it would take to walk to school and you get a grand total of FORTY MINUTES. FORTY MINUTES of tedious, repulsive, foot pounding walking. And all of it was just to retrieve a wallet.
Me being the way that I am, I decided the best thing to do was to go back home, grab my wallet, call a cab, and then be however many minutes late to class I was going to be. It was a great plan on my part. Simple, straight to the point, no holes in it, whatsoever. Sans the dreadful walking, I didn’t mind proceeding with it. Unfortunately, and I should’ve seen this coming, it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.
While I was walking, a wolf in…

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