I Don 't Know How It Happened Essay

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I don’t know how it happened. I remember driving on Highway 1. The night was quiet. The road was quiet. Sirius XM was banging through my speakers, with the guitar frenzied Black Sabbath. I was thinking, actually hoping, that the loud noise would help maintain my attention away from the dull and mesmerizing black top road. The events that occurred next, would replay over and over again in my memory, like a movie clip wrapped in endless repetition. At least until the reality of the situation found its way into my mind.
The clip was simple, the grill of a semi, kissing with fury the front grill of my Range Rover. The strength of my seat belt harnessing me, as I hear cracking, rolling, and then it all went quiet.

At some point later I open my eyes. I feel warm and secure. I see a blue light, it’s calming and like a hypnotized zombie, I walk toward the warmth, smiling. Entering the room I see tracks of metal and wires. I walk toward them, until I feel being drawn into a particular hallway. Following my instincts I am walking toward suspended wires, separating them, peering into the other side.

I see an old hospital room, a woman is giving birth and I’m drawn to her eyes. “It’s a girl,” the nurse says, “I’ll get your husband.” The woman looks exhausted as a man in a uniform enters. He’s smiling and takes her hand. “She’s beautiful. I believe the name Vanessa Lynn, suits her perfectly.” “I agree,” the woman said, as she closes her eyes.

I begin…

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