I Don 't Have You Got The Job? Essay

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“Have you got the job?” Maria dug into her cheeseburger and fries. “The lady that interviewed me first will be calling. I don’t really know if I’m going to take it. The money is the best, but it is strange.” “You can handle strange. If it gets too weird, quit.” The conversation turned away from the nursing home for which Lori was grateful. She didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Two weeks later Lori reported for training. Training sessions were not held at the nursing home but in a high end hotel downtown. There were six people in the session--four females and two males. Two were nurses new to the profession as was Lori and two were new aids. The two males were nurses and looked as though they had military backgrounds. Mrs. Sedge conducted the first morning session. Lori learned more about the facility. It was a nursing home for elderly members of the armed forces and security agencies. New hires were cautioned about talking about the guests to friends and relatives. They would be subject for immediate dismissal. Lori detected a threatening overtone in a statement made about protecting the safety of the residents and themselves. As with most training sessions participants got to know each other quite well. Emily Morken, new nurse and Lori became good friendsEmily had Lori over for dinner one night ane Lori met Emily’s husband Justin. Justin had prepared a mean chicken caccatoire. Lori had been right about the male nurses—both were…

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