I Don 't Do You Remember That Night But I Do Essay

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I don’t really want to remember that night but I do. A night I was under the impression that my parents were going on a date to try to fix their troubled relationship. However, people were acting very strange at my Grandparents house and when my Mom came back alone my suspicions were confirmed that there was something very wrong.
I was a happy girl living a happy life in a house with my own bedroom and my own dog. I had two siblings and friends that I got a long with very well. Life could not be better and to top it all off my eighth birthday had just passed. I was so excited! Not only would I be baptized into my church and I would receive my very own scripture set and people would start treating me like an adult. Man did I hate how people treated me like a kid, and I wanted to be treated like an adult so badly. I remember I would put on my mom 's high heels on and her makeup on and walk around with folders in my hand just imagining how great it would be. People tell me you don 't realize what you have until it 's gone and I know for a fact that statement is true.
My dad started acting strange about a year later around my eighth birthday and continued for almost a year, and I knew something wasn 't right. I noticed that he wouldn 't communicate and would shut himself in his room and wanted to be left alone. He would be on the computer constantly, even during the times that I wanted to play my games. My sister and I created a secret club where we could talk about all the…

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