Reflection Paper About 9/11

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I don’t remember 9-11. Yet, I am part of the generation that was old enough to remember the events when they occurred. I was just shy of five years old by a couple months when the World Trade Towers were hit in a tragic terrorist act and claimed thousands of victims. It was a pivotal point in American history, a pivotal point in world history. The question of the year for every American patriot was “where were you when the towers fell?” My answer? I was probably taking a nap. However, my lack of memory of the actual events of the day does not mean that I am less affected by the rippling effects of 9-11 because I am still an American living in this post 9-11 society. The first time I encountered the World Trade Towers was when I around eight …show more content…
I have gained more insights and more regulations due to 9-11. Those events have sparked me to have to reevaluate my perception of the separation of Muslims and terrorists. I have engaged in conversations about the Middle East and the wars the US intervene in. Of course there are the new laws I’ve had to live under as a post-9-11 child. My privacy is under surveillance due to the PATRIOT Act and my bag has been searched at multiple airports in the name of “national security”. Nevertheless, I evaluate the effects of the event not by what I have gained in knowledge and rules but what I have lost. The wholehearted sense of security, wonder of expression and being able to freely discuss the topic is gone. Hope has become fragmented. There are physical effects that I am now living under but I, and this country, are still healing from the emotional scars left behind by those planes. And the most worrisome bit of the damage is that I was sleeping when it happened. I do not remember the actual day, yet I feel the effects. We all feel the

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