I Do Not See Him Anywhere Essay

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“I do not see him anywhere.” Robecca anxiously turned to her father. “He has to be here right?”

He wasn’t sure what to say. There was a chance the boy could have survived, but it was small. “I can’t say for sure. We’ll have to wait and see.”
Her mouth formed a hard line as she tightened her grip on her umbrella. They had followed the crowds through the streets of Boo York until they reached the pier. The heavy rain dampened everything from clothing to spirits as one by one the surviving passengers left the ship. Many sprang into action to help, but to Robecca it all felt like a blur.

By this time next spring, I’ll arrive in Boo York on the greatest ship in the world! Banejamin’s words echoed in her mind as the crowd started to thin. Robecca remembered poking fun at his enthusiasm. When you do you had better not keep me waiting! And how he had laughed back. Don’t worry I won’t!

And now here she was, standing in the rain with thousands, all trying to find out what had happened to the fated ship. Reporters swarmed the survivors with questions, but they were still in shock, and in no condition to answer.
You said I would not have to wait for you. Robecca felt her vision blurring, was it just the rain? Banejamin, where are you?

He had left his number at the bottom of the letter. Robecca felt a little awkward as she clutched the phone in her hand. It had been over one hundred years, what would she say to him? What wouldn’t she say? She wondered if he had changed at all,…

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