I Do Not Like Planes Essay

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I do not like planes. I love to travel, but I do not enjoy being 30,000 feet in the air. Despite this, I should not complain because I am fortunate enough to travel each summer to Italy for a month and enjoy the culture. My grandparents, who are native Italians, live in there house in Sardegna (an Italian island below France’s Corsica) so it is also an opportunity to visit them. There are only two ways to get to Sardegna since there are no direct flights from JFK: take a overnight ferry or take a hour connecting flight to one of the island’s major cities - Olbia. The summer of 2012 my grandfather thought it would be a great experience for him to show my family where he grew up in Naples. This seemingly quick trip to Naples ended up turning into a much bigger event. It was seemingly a perfect Italian summer day: hot, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. My sister Renate, the second oldest child in my family, was not happy about this Italian heat; it left her dehydrated and with a headache. All she wanted was to get on the plane and have a cup of water. My family - which consists of six people: my mom, dad, my three sisters, and myself - and my grandparents got through security quickly which is a blessing since getting a flight out of Olbia is very hard to do. It appeared that nothing with this day could possibly go wrong. The plane was complexity filled - 146 people to be exact. Due to the amount of people my family had to sit separated. My dad, mom, and two sisters Renate…

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