Essay on I Do Not Have An American Heritage

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As inferred from the sentence that is my name (Delia Appiah Mensah), I do not have an American heritage. Both of my parents and most, if not all, of my recent relatives are Ghanaian. Ghana is located on the West coast of Africa, sitting snuggly between Cote d’Ivoire and Benin. I am a first generation Immigrant to the United States yet if someone asked me to define myself culturally; I would simply tell them that I was a hodgepodge of cultures. I grew up in Accra, Ghana, thus my native language is Twi. However, I lived in London, England for a couple of years and have spent most of my life in Texas. Therefore, I have somewhat of a delicate accent: a mix of British English with a tinge of African tones, covered by a thin veil of American English. My culture has been woven from a mix of identities which spring from the different people and traditions I have been introduced to and live with and I consider my both immigrant and citizen status to play a huge role in that. I am not necessarily proud of my background and if I was fully American, I still wouldn’t be proud. Instead, I am content with my background. When we think of pride it is commonly associated with thinking of ourselves as a greater status that someone else and that is the problem many countries but mostly Americans have with immigration. America has so much national pride in itself. Yet this pride is what stop America from accepting and finding ways to integrate immigrants into its society, and by its, I…

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