I Do Not Agree With Hellen Keller 's Statement Essay

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I do not agree with Hellen Keller’s statement. Keller makes many valid and agreeable points in her statement, but the statement is invalid in the current world. The first main reason I disagree is because some of the world’s most influential promoters of peace have been men. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. just to name a few. Secondly, there are many men who put the family before the individual. Keller failed to recognize these men, even if they may not be from a Eurocentric culture. Stating that only women will honor heroes of peace is also faulty because many men are teaching about heroes of peace, Loewen being a great example. Hellen Keller had good intentions with her statement; however, failed to follow her own principles. She would’ve been right if she talked about solving many questions with an equal collaboration of men and women instead of only with the help of women. As Loewen brought to the forefront Keller was a radical and it is hard to agree with someone who presents radicalistic, emotion driven ideas instead of more studious and precise ones.
Heroification is the process of making out significant people in history as heroes, but when in reality have been far from heroic. Heroification overshadows the wrongdoing of prominent people with their less than noteworthy accomplishments. Loewen identifies many people who textbooks use heroification with. First is Woodrow Wilson. Loewen presents much evidence on Wilson’s…

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