Essay about I Do Hunting When Given The Opportunity

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I am by no means an avid hunter, however; I do enjoy hunting when given the opportunity. I do not hunt for horns, as some do; I hunt for whatever presents itself. I purchase tags with the intent to fill both the doe tags and the buck tags. The last time I went deer hunting with someone else, I went with my fiancé, Curtis. It was a frigid day in late autumn; we finally had a day off together, what better way to spend the day than hunting. It was a pretty day, despite the temperature; the breeze billowed peacefully through the trees, rustling what few leaves were still hanging, on to the tree’s branches. The sun gave a warm glow to the seasoned alfalfa, that a few months prior had been a vibrant lively green. The deer did not seem to mind the vast change in the vegetation’s color, to them it was still edible, and still the grass they hungrily consume from season to season. Patches of snow lay at the alfalfa’s feet, reflecting back the sun’s rays and blinding me on occasion. I should have grabbed my sunglasses out of the glove box, of the old blue and white Ford, we had driven to the field’s edge but, for some reason, in the excitement of walking out to the field, the thought had escaped my mind, until now, when I needed them to tame the sun’s reflection. The smell of autumn is something I look forward to, the smell of dried leaves, evergreens, pumpkin flavored everything, cinnamon, and grandma’s constant baking of sweet treats for her favorite grandbaby. Of course at…

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