I Didn 't What Motivation Was Till My Mom Became One For Me Essay

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I didn 't know what motivation was till My mom became one for me. Transitioning from my country to the US was a big challenge. It was like a shadow that was following me everyday I would go to school. I cannot remember the day nor the name of the school. What I remember that I was alone in this obstacle of my life. The kids in school knew English and I didn 't. I was a new student. It was like I was in an ocean full of new fishes that were strange to me and I was the only fish that was immigrating . Things got to the point where I had to use a translator so I could understand what the other kids were saying. It felt horrible that no one wanted to talk to me. I was used to my country and my friends and with people that could understand me for example I would had friends that were really nice and caring . And all my childhood was left there like an old dolly.One day at my new english school this kid in school offered his help to translate and teach me some english words , I good excited that someone wanted to be my friend. I thought everything was going to be different for me . However since I didn 't know any English . He made me say, ”The teacher’s boobs are big,” I made the teacher still feel uncomfortable. I felt so embarrassed about what had happened and I apologized to the teacher for making her feel uncomfortable. For this reason I feel like I will always have a memory of this incident. That made me feel that I had to put a big stop . After months of going to…

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