I Didn 't What I Know About The Truth? Essay

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Mapitsi, I didn 't say what I wanted to say correctly. I 'm sorry. This is our home.

Baby, I got us...

Can I help you?

Do you know that Kunutu boy?

So can you give me the address where Nimrod lives?

I won 't tell you anything. What if you 're
Dragon 's spy, back to threaten Nimza again?

Lelo, when did you start taking sleeping pills?

You 're just in time. You can tell everyone what happened to my sleeping pills.


Lizzy, is Lelo telling the truth?
Do you have sleeping pills on you?

- Can we look inside your bag?
- No!

Why are you refusing? They just want to make sure Lelo 's telling the truth.

Why am I the one being questioned here?
She 's the guilty one, not me.

Just let Thenjiwe have a look in your bag...

Lelo, shut up!

You created all this mess!

Thenjiwe, can we have it on record...

that Miss Thobakgale refuses to have her bag searched?

I 'll meet with the authorities and present what happened here.

They 'll decide whether she violated her house-arrest conditions or not.

No, no, no!
Please don 't go.

I called you here. So you will listen to what I have to say.

You did what?


my brother, Ben, is working hard on the other side...

to make sure that I succeed.

My meeting went very well.

Something wrong?

Some dangerous-looking guy came looking for Nimza.

- I think he 's one of Dragon 's guys.
- What would they want from him?

I don 't know, boss. Maybe to threaten you.
He had a toolbox and a bag.

Maybe he 's just a handyman…

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