I Didn 't Use The Leadership Skills I Gained From High School

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1. Before I enrolled at Florida State University, I was a student at the University of West Florida. During my two years at the University of West Florida, I didn’t use the leadership skills I gained from high school. In high school, I was the president of two clubs and I was very vocal with my school’s SGA. However, upon arriving to college, I became just another student. I didn’t use my voice. More, there were no opportunities for me to take lead. When I arrived for my orientation at Florida State University, there was a student passing out flyers for the Transfer Leadership Institute. I wanted more information, so I asked the student a few questions about the project. She didn’t give me a ton of information about the project, but it was enough to get me excited for the year. The Transfer Leadership Institute has plenty of opportunities for a student like me and that motivated me to apply. As a participant, I hope to build connections. I believe building connections is a great way to market myself. Also, I hope to refresh my leadership skills.
2. While at Florida State University, I would like to build relationships with future leaders of tomorrow. I would like to network with these individuals because I want to build a platform as a student. Hopefully, that platform develops into something that makes an impact on the world. Another goal mine would be to remain debt free. Around 69% of students are in debt after graduating. I, like many other students, taken out a few…

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