Essay on I Didn 't Trust Them

1830 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 8 Pages
“His name was Scrat,” they say. “He did this to us—to all of us.” They also say, but should I believe them? I should. No I shouldn’t. I’m not quite sure. These are my brothers and sisters, bound together by blood that runs deeper than the most treacherous seas. I trust them. I don’t trust them. Should I? I believe I should, but then again, what if they’re wrong? I can’t assume these people have infinite knowledge of the universe and everything in it. I can’t allow myself to believe a lie that many have believed for generations. I just can’t. I shrug them off and agree with every word they say, but I refuse to be corrupted by this way of thinking: a hysterical creature lusting after the fruit of an oak split the world in twos and threes and so forth. I simply refuse.
“He was in search of the one thing he had been infatuated with since the moment he first laid his eyes upon its glory. It was an obsession that nearly drove the creature mad. He spent years roaming the earth in hopes that he would alas be united with the source to which he credited most of his contentment: the acorn.” I overheard them say once, but I had never asked for the entire story. I’m not sure whether or not I’d like to fill my head with such nonsense and uselessness. It’s been a few years since then and I still have yet to find any proof that this did or did not happen. I’ve read many articles and spoken to many of people, however, none say this is valid information. The upright beings who roam this…

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