I Did Not Have A Writing Process Essay

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I did not have a writing process; I just write what came to me. But when I was reading the text book I was starting to realize that my writing process was like a lot of peoples writing process. The writing process that the text book describes is easy to follow, it gives you 1,2,3 steps so you don’t get lost when you start to write. When it comes to comparing my writing process to my text books writing process we have a lot in common for example, if you have ideas it says to narrow your topic can be manageable to readers this can be done by gathering your information and organizing it. When it comes to freewriting or looping that is what I do most of the time a long with browsing my sources. When I ask other writers about my topic of interest they give me a great insight on what they think about it. I did not think of this as collaborating but it is. When I am finished writing about my topic I review it, revise it, and edit it and again I go to other writers to ask for an opinion. In the text book it gives a short list on what to do if an instructor gives you a comment on how your writing is and how to fix it. That I have done and will continue to do.

When it comes to contrasting my writing process to the text books writing process, it talks about how to analyze your audience and make your topic fit their interests, I have never done that I always have written to myself. My style is hard to control I like to be chatty in…

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