I Did Not Have A Conviction Of My Future Vision Essay

1049 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
I did not have a conviction of my future vision when I was in a previous community college. However, fortunately, I suppose that my future vision has been gradually clear since I enrolled and begun to take some classes in the school of the Art Institute of Chicago because through some classes, I have had many opportunities to consider myself and my future.
When I look back on my history, I realize that I have been influenced by a great deal of enjoyments that triggered me to be a creative practitioner since I was a child. When I was an elementary school student, the Internet technology had rapidly developed. Most of my friends and me were obsessed by the Internet as the new tool of an entertainment. I was really into a large number of web flash format animations which was a trend on the Internet world at that time. There were some bizarre flash animations which were composed of collage of politicians and comedians with illustrations. Also, a ton of animations aired on television from the morning till the end of the day. These animations on the television and the Internet inspired me to paint and draw my own characters by hand or by using a simple painting tool in Windows to create some GIF animations. Since then, I have been interested in a graphic design and illustration with collage.
I would like to be a graphic designer at first. However, when I took a painting and two-dimensional drawing class at the community college for the first time, I realized that I felt more…

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