I Did Not Hate Writing Essay

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“Oh my gosh! I hate this! I don 't want to do this!” The screaming thought that always came through my mind when my teachers told me to we had a writing assignment. I especially hated it when they would give it a back grade after hard work and stressing it. They all would tell me it had a good potential but that it was not up to their standards. I needed to work on grammar, my wording, and what not. I really hated it. I know it was to make me a better writer but I did not feel like it was helping. I thought I would not make it through high school.
However, I did not always hate writing. When I first learned to write my name I was so proud and happy. Then of course when I got to school there they’d teach us to make sentences. It was fun because I always wrote silly things such as, “My dog licked my daddy’s face.” My teacher would then tell us to keep going. My first grade teacher said writing is just like telling a story or telling someone what you thought or felt in writing. Surprisingly I would write a lot for a first grader. Then when it spring came along it was time for young author’s books. We were told what to write about but we can do it however we want. For example I had to write about a panda. It was about how she was a new kid and made new furry friends. It was based on me because I was the new girl. My teacher gave an A+; I was so proud of myself and so were my parents. Second grade my teacher, Mr. Quant, told me to try for the young author’s book again. He…

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