Essay on I Developed This Thematic Unit For A Class Of 6th Graders

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I developed this Thematic Unit for a class of 6th graders. This 6th grade class is made up of 20 students. 16 of those students are in the general education program, two are in the ESOL program (one student is ESOL level II, and one student is ESOL level IV), and two are students with exceptionalities (one student has ADHD, and one student has a mild vision impairment. The majority are Hispanics, 10 to be exact. The remaining 6 students are Americans, and come from a multi-generational American background. One of the students is Jewish, and her grandparents actually come from Israel. The two ESOL students come from Cuba, the ESOL level IV has been living in Miami for a little over two years, while the ESOL level II has only been here for one year. The rest of the class ranges from across South and Central America. The student who has a mild vision impairment is from Argentina, while the rest of the class is a little more dispersed throughout.

All my students perform on an adequate level if not higher. The general education students are not below any standards, according to the state testing. The only ones who struggle are the ESOL students, but once they grasp the content they are as aware and knowledgeable as the rest of them. The student who is vision impaired is also very sharp, as long as he receives the necessary accommodations his learning is on pace with the rest of the class. Overall the class moves from section to section as a whole. Obviously, like in…

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