I Deserve More Money ! Essay examples

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“I deserve more money! I have a newborn baby to support, and she ain’t cheap”, stated Wendy Ramirez, a single mother, when asked how she feels on the new wage increases being proposed in New York. There has been talk for some time now saying that there will be a minimum wage increase from $8.75 to $15 an hour, and New York citizens could not be any more happy. The thought of such a high increase in income would make anyone jump for joy, and as of this past summer, it was announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo that yes, by the end of 2018, the pay will reach $15 an hour for those living in New York City since the cost of living is at a much higher price, and by the end of 2021 for those in the rest of the state. Now I know that when you first hear wage increase, the initial thought is to think this is something positive that will really benefit society, but in the long run, this entire proposal has more negative effects than positive. Removing the wage increase from the discussion, this proposal can potentially increase unemployment; make small businesses go out of business and cause inflation.
As of October 2015, the unemployment rate for New York City has dropped down to 4.8%, but due to the minimum wage proposal, this rate might soar back up over the next few years. According to the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (Alec), increasing the price of labor only makes an employers demand for that labor decrease, therefore making employers want to shift to more labor-saving…

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