I Consider Myself From A Middle Economical Class Upbringing Essay

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I consider myself from a middle economical class upbringing. My parents a very similar in certain ways but yet so different. Let me explain each side. My father is the first eldest son of 8 children. He was born in Mexico city and grew up in Tijuana, Rosario. My grandpa was in and out of his life, he had several families with different women. My father 's family was the only family that my grandpa decided to help illegally migrate from Mexico to the United States. My fathers step brothers are stepsister still live in different parents of Mexico.My father migrated to the United States around the age of 15 he completed his High School diploma from Santa Ana High School. This was one of his greatest accomplishments because he also had to help support his brothers and sister since he was the eldest. Along with attending high school he also played for the soccer team. After he graduated he enrolled in Orange Cost College and played for their soccer team. After three semester he dropped out and decided to work full-time. My dads environment snapped who he is today. He grew up in the city life so he’s enjoys partying , dancing and drinking. Which is very different to my mom she is the second eldest of 7 children and she is from a small town in Zacatecas, Mexico. In small town they tend to be close minded and very traditional. Growing up I notice certain things my dad was okay with me doing he experienced it before but my mom didn 't really go out as much so she…

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