I Come From A Large Southern White Family Essay

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I come from a large southern white family. On my mother’s side, there were strict rules about what type of person I was allowed to hang out with. It was clear that they were not fans of racial mixing and that we were to stick to ourselves. I also grew up with many African American friends at school. It was made clear that I could be nice and friendly at school, but no one different was coming home with me. I was jealous of the girls at school with beautiful, intricate braids. When I would go home and try to braid my hair the same way, my mom would yell at me and tell me white girls only wear one or two braids. My grandmother made remarks about hair also. She told me that African American children do not get lice because their hair is too dirty. I remember one African American family in my grandmother’s neighborhood that she would talk to. She made sure that we knew she was a “good black lady.” When I was much younger, I watched the movie “Save the Last Dance with my Grandmother.” At one point she paused the movie and said, “You wouldn’t ever try to date some black boy like in this movie would you?” I told her that I really had not thought about it. After that, I really wanted to date an African American boy, but I ended up falling in love with my Caucasian husband.
Going to my dad’s side of the family was a little different. They had African American and Hispanic friends and used racial slurs as jokes when everyone was comfortable around each other. They consider themselves…

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