Essay about I Come From A Household Of Girls

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I come from a household of girls. I am the oldest of three daughters where the only male is my father- that is including pets. For most of my life, my mother (who graduated with honors from the University of Texas) was also the primary provider for my family and my father was a stay at home dad who went to college, but never graduated and was never great at school, to begin with. From an early age, my dad was the one who dressed me and interacted with me more on a daily basis up until around elementary school when he got a job- only to later become a stay at home dad again a few years later. The dynamic in my household is an interesting one although it certainly never struck me that way until I came of an age to notice that it was not a very stereotypical one. In fact, at the basis of this dynamic, there is a tension between my mother and father due - at least in part- to the fact that my mother was for a period of around ten years the main and sole provider. My mother, as far as I can think, has never equated doing anything with being a woman or a girl aside from having a period. She never implied anything was a woman’s responsibility or duty or anything- so I never grew up with the idea that I needed to do certain things because of my gender from her. In fact, aside from getting my ears pierced, being put in ballet and girl scouts, the only time I ever really remember feeling like my gender was pushed on me in a sense was when I wanted a skateboard for Christmas and my…

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